We clean. You get paid.

  • Refer us to friends and family and enjoy the rewards!
  • For every new client you refer to us, we'll pay YOU a 10% referral fee
  • You'll receive your own custom tracking/discount code to manage all referrals
  • Contact us with your name to receive your own custom tracking code
  • We provide marketing materials such as business cards and flyers
  • Your commissions are paid electronically as soon as the job is done

Step 1: You refer someone

Refer your friends and family to our services using a custom discount/tracking code we've made for you. (Code offers $ off to the customer and allows us to track your referrals.)

Step 2: Your referral signs up

Your referral signs up for our service using your custom discount code and schedules a cleaning.

Step 3: We clean. You get paid.

Once your referral has paid for their services, we calculate 10% of their service price and automatically send you an e-transfer for that dollar amount.

Why refer us?

High-Paying Commissions

With service prices of $200+ and a referral fee of 10%, there's potential for some serious earnings.

Fast Pay-Outs

As soon as your referral has paid for their service we calculate your 10% referral fee and send you an e-transfer for that dollar amount.

Only The Best Quality

Our highly trusted professionals are good at what they do. We are proud of our five star rating and we work to keep it that way! So all of your referrals will be thanking you.

Easy to Get Help

We strive to have the best customer service possible. Leave a message or call and we respond ASAP. Talk to a real person without automated machines.